Achieve Great Checkout UX and Data Quality at NRF Retail’s BIG Show

We’re counting down the days until Retail’s BIG Show!

PCA Predict is pleased to announce that once again the team will be exhibiting at this year’s show, and on a much bigger scale than previous years. We’ll be on booth 520 showcasing Checkout+, our address, email and cell phone verification tool. Trusted by over 10,000 global retailers, PCA Predict can optimize the checkout process, increase conversion rates and maximize revenue. Here’s 3 more reasons why you should drop by our booth.

For tips and tricks for reducing cart abandonment

It is estimated that a staggering $4 trillion worth of revenue is missed each year due to shopping cart abandonment.

Long checkout forms are a common gripe, and are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. In fact, a recent survey, revealed a staggering 84% of consumers would abandon their ecommerce order if presented with complicated or lengthy web forms. With four times the number of shoppers expected to have purchased online during last year’s holiday season compared to 2014, it’s imperative that retailers deliver a seamless customer experience from checkout through to delivery.

Our checkout optimization tool, Checkout+ removes friction on web forms, and in some cases reduces form length by as much as 50% making it quicker and easier for customers to auto-complete contact forms.

Learn how you can improve data quality

Around 88% of companies say that dirty data has a direct impact on the bottom line; we can help improve the quality of data entering your systems by verifying customer contact details at the point of entry.

Checkout+ goes way beyond checking the format of text entered into form fields, detecting if an email has a valid mailbox, if cell phone numbers actually exist and verifying international addresses in a standardized format using predictive auto-complete technology.

Ensuring the customer is kept informed throughout process; from email order confirmation, text messages about delivery times through to successful parcel delivery can make the difference between complaints and repeat orders, as an overwhelming 95% of consumers say they would be unlikely to shop with that retailer again if an order failed to arrive.

Pick up a heated hand warmer

We all know that weather conditions for New York in January are not favourable, with Jack Frost’s handiwork glistening around Central Park. We will be doing our best to keep everyone warm by giving away reusable heated handwarmers. Stocks are limited so get them while you can!

If one of your top priorities while at Retail’s BIG Show is to improve end user experience and optimize your online checkout process, I would strongly recommend you pre-schedule a meeting with a member of the PCA Predict team: Schedule a meeting

See you in the BIG Apple!