A passion for fashion UX

With London Fashion Week in full swing we’ve decided to review some of the best fashion sites we’ve come across recently. In the past, fashion designers have often struggled to encapsulate the luxury retail environment we experience when we enter a high-end store. Here are some of the best sites we have come across doing it right.


Armani, not only height of fashion but also website design by the look of things. They are bang on trend with the multiple panel navigational layouts. This method allows them to highlight their entire product range without tacky ads or large reams of item lists and text. The large images immerse you in the brand’s current look and make you feel like you are looking at a double page spread in a glossy magazine. The products are displayed really clearly and the use of white space gives the page a clean look.



Gucci have gone in a totally different direction. All the changes and movement is done in the middle panel of the page. This makes browsing through the website simple and easy. The scroll bar makes flicking through hundreds of items a breeze and also a great way to make comparisons on multiple potential presents. Gucci are also really keen to highlight their free express shipping offering on their main homepage – a clever move considering how critical delivery charges can be to check out online. Your customers need to know exactly how much their delivery costs and when the product will be delivered.


The only down side for this website is the checkout process. Even with the quick option of ‘Checkout as a guest’ you get snowed under with loads of data fields that you have to trawl through. If your customer wants to pay quickly who are we to try and stop them? Adding smart address validation like Capture+ here could really speed up this time-consuming process.



The checkout summary page is the last opportunity to review your order – and in my opinion Mulberry tick all the boxes. They clearly display the important order details like colour, size and price, along with an image and delivery information. Mulberry successfully promote further selling by including “recommended care” products in their shopping bags. Recommending other related products to a customer, if done correctly, can be really useful and one of the most effective ways to boost your online sales.



Burberry does a great job of bridging the cyber-divide by providing extensive product details including some great imagery to showcase its products. Each item has several images taken from various angles, including the interiors and fasteners so you can really get a feel for the product. The grandfather of boosting ecommerce conversion rates is having high quality photos and videos of your product. The more detail the better.



This site makes it to the A-list thanks to its use of response design and clean mobile application.  Narrow and long, Topshop’s site is easy to digest on a mobile or tablet. We all live in a multi-screen world, and web content needs to appear perfectly no matter how it’s being viewed. The home screen of Topshop’s app is also very clean and the option to scan the barcode of items makes it really easy to search for a product. A truly omni-channel experience for customers who spot something they love in store but need to order online for their size or colour preference. It’s so intuitive and easy to navigate – having such a vast amount of items for sale this is very important.


Do feel free to share your favourite fashion sites with us below!