91% of online retailers in the US say quality data is important to running their business effectively

We recently completed a piece of research with the experts from Internet Retailer with a goal of gathering insights from 115 US based internet retail professionals about their ecommerce checkouts, and how user experience and data quality plays it’s part in online conversion.
The results of the survey have proven to be really insightful; by using quality data to identify where they’re winning and more importantly, where they’re losing, retailers told us that implementing a checkout process that is more streamlined for data collection will boost conversions. In fact 91% of respondents said “quality data” is important to running their business effectively, with 73% claiming it’s “very important” or “of the highest importance.”

The survey uncovered several key insights:

  • Nearly all the retailers questioned (96%) said quality data improves customer insights.
  • Almost a quarter of  retailers (24%) believe “without a doubt” that quality data can improve delivery rate accuracy, with 39% feeling “strongly” that it improves delivery rate accuracy.
  • Most retailers (99%) believe customer data can improve future sales and marketing agendas.  91% say collecting accurate customer data will reduce failed delivery fees, and three-quarters said removing failed delivery fees is important to their business.  
  •  99% of respondents said improving the user experience will ultimately improve rates and revenue at checkout.  
  • 40% of respondents cited “lengthy/complicated checkout forms” as the primary reason consumers abandon their shopping carts.

To find out more, including a full breakdown of the questions and responses you can download the full report below.

CTA - IR 2015 Ecom Checkout Survey Report