7 extensions & integrations to help improve your Magento store and marketing

After my initial interview on the PCA Predict blog, I was asked to write a piece about modules and integrations which I recommend to my Magento clients. I’ve tried to keep the piece quite broad, so that it doesn’t just cover customer experience marketing or performance etc – so hopefully it should be useful to people in different roles and stores of different sizes.

The following recommendations are modules and services that I have used whilst consulting or are used on GPMD client websites and they’re based on my experience only. Please feel free to add your own recommendations at the bottom of this page.

Klevu (on-site search)

Klevu is a popular on-site search solution that is focused on providing the best search results possible whilst also improving customer experience. Klevu’s technology optimises search results based on how users behave – so it essentially learns from how users interacts with the products and categories being served. Klevu have a free module on Magento Connect but also work with some of the world’s biggest retailers, and everything in between.

Here’s an example of Klevu implemented on the Jack Daniels Magento store:


In this example, it’s only serving products – you can also serve categories too but you can see how the results are served faster without loading a new page and it’s a much cleaner experience. I also wrote this piece on Magento search options last year.

Price: Free and premium.

NOSTO (Personalisation / product recommendations)

NOSTO is a personalisation service that allows you to serve personalised product recommendations across your Magento store. NOSTO provides recommendations based on user behaviour and positive and negative responses to different options. It also delivers recommendations at a person-level in real-time, which is one of their key selling points.

This example is from Cowshed’s Magento store (GPMD client).


In addition to product recommendations, NOSTO also now offer behaviour pop ups, personalised Facebook ads and triggered emails.

Price: Based on commission of sales generated.

MageWorx SEO Suite (SEO)

The MageWorx SEO module provides a huge amount of features designed to help eliminate common technical SEO issues with Magento. I previously launched a Magento SEO module (MageSEO), however MageWorx have now got to a point where their module is far more comprehensive and they cover the majority of the main SEO issues with Magento.

Key features include full control over key directives, hreflang, structured data markup, product setup canonical options (e.g. setting canonical URL to configurable products on simple products etc) and lots more. This piece covers how it can be used in more detail.

Price: $249

Yotpo (product reviews)

Yotpo is SaaS-based review platform that provides a flexible, robust solution for product reviews and customer Q&A. Yotpo is used by merchants of all sizes and it provides a huge amount of options around how you output reviews with Magento. Depending on the package you have, Yotpo manages post-purchase emails, moderates reviews (powerhouse and up), integrates with POS (if you use Vend), adds structured data markup OOTB and much more. One of my favourite features is the ability to include the review form in the body of the email, which is also managed by Yotpo.

The screenshot below is from an implementation on Golfdiscount.com (my consulting client).


One key thing to remember is that you should really use the version that publishes the reviews in-line on the page, as otherwise it’s not going to be as effective around SEO.

Price: From $25 per month

Anowave Enhanced Ecommerce (Analytics)

The Anowave enhanced ecommerce module is easy to install and configure and provides lots of options around using enhanced ecommerce on your Magento store. The module provides easy to use options around using product attributes as product categories / brands with enhanced ecommerce and all of the other key requirements are just configuration options. The module also provides options around using custom dimensions, which were useful when on a project I did with Pin Point a few weeks ago.

Price: Around £100.

Magemail (Abandoned cart)

Magemail is a very popular triggered email add-on built specifically for Magento. Magemail was created by a friend of mine, Kalen Jordan, who is an experienced Magento developer and entrepreneur. Magemail is mostly known for it’s abandoned cart emails, but it also has lots of other features, including post-purchase review emails and automated product review recommendations.

Magemail only charge 3% of sales generated from the emails, with a maximum commission cap at $500 per month. Magemail is used by lots of Magento merchants at various different levels and before I met Kalen it’d been recommended to me at least 20 times.

Price: Based on commission of sales generated.

PCA Predict Capture+ (Address Lookup)

At GPMD we use the PCA Predict address lookup module on a number of our client projects, helping to make it easier for customers to input their address details in the checkout. The module is easy to use and it adds real-time address lookup and validation, helping to reduce errors and the time to purchase.

Price: Free extension (per lookup pricing based on volumes applies)

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